How to use in Spanish:Ya

“YA”, a tiny word huge in meanings.

Commonly used to show readiness, finished actions or immediacy: “ya estoy“, “ya está” or “ya voy“, but also to postpone an action, as in “ya hablamos“, “ya nos vemos“, “ya te llamo“…

You can use it to say enough. You may say “ya, gracias” when being offered food or drinks, for example. Or to show anger if used with the right intonation.

“Ya no” means not anymore: “ya no fumo” , “ya no vivo aquí”…

Present in many usual expressions such as “ya te vale“, similar to shame on you or “ya te digo“, an informal indeed.

Or the recurrent “ya no puedo más“, meaning I can´t take it anymore. Listen to it in all its greatness in the famous 70s song “Vivir así es morir de amor”.

Below the original version by Camilo Sesto or Nathy Peluso’s latest cover.

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🎵 Vivir así es morir de amor (Camilo Sesto,1978)

🎵 Vivir así es morir de amor (Nathy Peluso,2021)

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