¡Vamos de potes…a Portu!

¡Vamos de potes…a Portu!

As people around the world raise their glasses in celebration of St. Patrick’s day, it’s a good chance to appreciate the joy and camaderie that comes with gathering at a local pub or bar.

But, have you ever heard of “potear”, the Basque tradition of bar hopping? 

“Potear” is like a pub crawl, but with a unique twist that lets you sample a wide variety of excellent pintxos while exploring the local bar scene. It involves bar and tabern hopping within an area, usually the old part of the town, sampling drinks and snacks, and enjoying the company of others.

It´s a relax and social affair that provides a unique opportunity to inmerse yourself in the local culture in the Basque Country and experience the flavours and atmosphere of a city.

Learn some essential phrases and vocabulary with our video. Enjoy this delicious food and drink paradise!


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