“Pienso, luego exito”, “I think therefore, I am”, Descartes said. “Pensar”, such an important verb to know and use….🤸🏾🧠

The Spanish verb “pensar”,  translates as “to think” in English. It’s used to express the action of using one’s mind to consider, reflect, or have thoughts.🧠💭

How to use “pensar” in Spanish:

To express the act of thinking:

Estoy pensando. (I’m thinking.) 💡

To indicate an opinion:

Pienso que es una buena idea. (I think it’s a good idea.) 👍

To consider or contemplate:

Tengo que pensarlo. (I need to think about it.) 🤔

To plan or intend:

This meaning requires the structure: Pensar + infinitive. Only the verb “pensar” needs to be conjugated acording to the subject.

Pienso ir a la playa mañana. (I think I’ll go to the beach tomorrow.) 🏖️🌅

To think about someone or something “pensar en”:

Pienso en ti. (I think of you.) ❤️

Present tense vocalic change e-ie:

The verb “pensar” in the present tense is irregular 🌀and belongs to the group of verbs with a vocalic change, in this case, it’s the e > ie change. As with other verbs with vocalic changes, the “nosotros” and “vosotros” forms keep the regular root.🔄

Yo pienso
Tú piensas
Él/Ella/Usted piensa
Nosotros/Nosotras pensamos
Vosotros/Vosotras pensáis
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes piensan

Other common verbs belonging to this group, and therefore following the same pattern in cojugation are:

Querer (to want) 💖
Preferir (to prefer) 🙌
Empezar (to start) 🚀
Entender (to understand) 🤓
Cerrar (to close) 🚪
Perder (to lose) 😓

Canción: “Pienso en tu mirá”

“Pienso en tu mirá” , Rosalía ( 2018)🎶

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“Pienso en tu mirá” 🎧

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“Pienso en tu mirá” karaoke🎤


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