El txangurro del Globo

🌍 El Globo is a classic pintxo bar in the centre of Bilbao.

😋 Its “pintxo de txangurro”, spider crab pintxo, is considered one of the yummiest pintxos in town.

🦀 This pintxo is elaborated with spider crab meat as the main ingredient and then gratinated with “alioli”, garlic mayo, and paprika.

💡 Spider crab has always been part of Basque cuisine, but this traditional pintxo is a creation of this bar.

The bar is also famous for its other gratinated pintxos. Like the cod one, squid in its ink or scallop, among others. Other typical pintxos are baby squid fried in chickpea flour or blood sausage wrapped in peanuts.

💰 Prices range from €2.30 to €2.65.

⏰ Any time is a good time to enjoy pintxos, but the most popular times are between 12 noon and 3 pm, and then between 6 pm and 10 pm.

🍷🍢 El Globo is located in a famous area for “poteo”. “Poteo” is a Basque tradition that started as a post-work drink. The term comes from the word ‘pote’, meaning ‘a drink”.

“Potear” involves bar and tavern hopping within an area, usually the old part of towns, sampling drinks and “pintxos”.

It’s a social activity that provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture of the Basque Country and experience the flavours and atmosphere of a town.

Each bar is known for its specialties, so any “poteo” route is a chance to try high cusine on a small scale.

📍There are areas for “poteo” in each town, in Bilbao some famous areas for “poteo” are:


Casco Viejo





🎵Note on Basque sounds:

When you visit the Basque Country, you will see an unusual amount of “k”, “tx”, “ts”, “tz” in street names, food at bars, signals… because what you are reading is in Basque. When it comes to food, you will see words like “pintxos”, “txangurro”, “txipirones” are commonly written in the Basque way. To pronounce these words, remember the “tx” is equivalent to the “ch” sound in Spanish, as in “chocolate”.

Check your knowledge in Spanish of the common ingredients at this bar pintxos:

Pintxo’s ingredients

Learn more about bar-hopping in Bilbao style from the “txikiteros”:

  🎤🍷Txikiteros, the Bilbao sing along bar hopping

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