El mercado de San Lorenzo

Learn new vocabulary in Spanish at a farmers’ market, and start discovering the Basque culture and traditions.

Today is August 10 and we have visited the traditional Mercado de San Lorenzo in Algorta. Algorta is a lively locality within a small town called Getxo, 13 km. from Bilbao and also connected to it by metro. El Mercado de San Lorenzo is held in the Plaza San Nicolás, the main square in Algorta. This plaza is surrounded by bars and restaurants and it’s a meeting point for locals and visitors. It also holds many cultural activities throughout the year.

This Mercado is a very special event for locals. Basque people are really proud of their local good quality products and this good quality is part of their DNA. In the farmers’ markets local producers bring and sell their “km. 0” treasures. We have been taking pictures and speaking with producers and people at the market, and we want to share the experience with you so you can learn some new vocabulary in Spanish and get to know about the Basque culture.

👀 our day in the market

If you want to go a bit further and practice your listening comprehension, listen to Zaloa talking to some producers at the market in this audio chronicle.

Some tips first: at the beginning and the end of every dialogue you will here some basque words, aupa means hello, egunon means good morning, mila esker means thanks a lot and zuri means you’re welcome.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, just try to get some words and small sentences. Do some oral practice by repeating the words or sentences you understand.

📢📢  Audio chronicle

We hope you enjoy our day in the market and learn some Spanish with us. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on new contents and tips.

Audio interactive transcript

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