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Los Tigres del Artajo

El Artajo es un bar de Bilbao de toda la vida. En Bilbao esta expresión [...]

To be in Spanish (estar)

As we saw in a previous post SER, there are two Spanish verbs for the [...]

How to use in Spanish:Ya

“YA”, a tiny word huge in meanings. Commonly used to show readiness, finished actions or [...]

To be in Spanish (ser)

To be or not to be … That’s the question that drives so many students [...]

Gilda, un pintxo de cine

Se encuentra en casi todas las barras vascas y tiene nombre de leyenda del cine. [...]

¡Venga mundo!

There are words full of meanings 🤌🏽. Said at the right time and with the [...]

El mercado de San Lorenzo

Today we have visited El Mercado de San Lorenzo, a popular farm market in Algorta, [...]

The colors in Spanish

Learn the colors in Spanish and visit Norman Fosters' car exhibition at the Guggenheim Bilbao [...]

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