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“Pienso, luego exito”, “I think therefore, I am”, Descartes said. “Pensar”, such an important verb [...]

Txikiteros, the Bilbao sing-along

“No hay otra cosa en el mundo más bonita que Bilbao…” There’s nothing in the [...]

How to use in Spanish: Parecer

The Spanish verb “Parecer” might not have as many meanings as some other words in [...]

¡Vamos de potes…a Portu!

¡Vamos de potes…a Portu! As people around the world raise their glasses in celebration of [...]

How to use in Spanish:Quedar

quedar de Zeta Hache “Quedar” is a jack-of-all-trades, ready to handle a variety of situations [...]

How are you in Spanish

How are you is a comonly used phrase to greet people, to start a conversation, [...]

How to use in Spanish: Llevar

Today we bring you the Spanish verb “llevar”, another versatile word with many meanings. llevar [...]

La hora del vermú

“Vermouth hour” at Frentealagua, a terrace bar by Bilbao´s riverside. “La hora del vermú” runs [...]

Los Tigres del Artajo

El Artajo es un bar de Bilbao de toda la vida. En Bilbao esta expresión [...]

To be in Spanish (estar)

As we saw in a previous post SER, there are two Spanish verbs for the [...]

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